ACerS Forms New Manufacturing Division

The formation of the new Div­ision is one of two major strategic initiatives designed to bring together and meet the needs of ceramics and glass manufactur­ers, raw material suppliers, and producers of shaping and finishing equipment, kilns, furnaces, quality control instrumentation, and all other devices used to manufacture ceramic and glass products. The other major strategic initiative is the partnership to launch the industry­ focused Ceramics Expo (28–30 April 2015 in Cleve­land) – a timely and relevant meeting spot for the Division’s first formal gathering. “Bringing ceramic and glass manufacturing back into the spotlight has been a strategic goal of the Society for a long time” said William M. Carty, Ph.D., Chair of Ceramic Engineering at the Alfred University/US and the Division’s inaugural chair. He and sev­eral supportive members from industry be­gan by developing a plan for transforming the Society’s inactive Whitewares and Ma­terials Division into the new Manufacturing Division, a proposal that the ACerS Board of Directors has endorsed. The new Division will focus on meeting the broader needs of today’s manufactur­ers who produce or use ceramic and glass materials, including the entire supply chain. In addition to enhancing networking op­portunities, it will address new manufactur­ing processes and techniques, sustainabil­ity, and business and environmental issues. Further, the Division plans to provide quality technical information through meeting pro­gramming and technical content in ACerS publications; develop short courses and workshops that educate industrial person­nel in the field of ceramics; and promote the recruitment and hiring of engineers into ceramic and glass manufacturing compa­nies.


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