CerPoTech Joins Ceramic Applications

CerPoTech specializes in the development and manufacturing of advanced ceramic powders for functional materials and serves academic institutions, R&D institutes and industry worldwide with complex oxide powders for a variety of innovative applica­tions, such as:

• Energy – functional materials for fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries

• Environmental – functional materials for membranes and catalysts

• Electronics – lead-free materials and piezo materials.

With its unique production process high quality ceramic powders are synthesized that are tailored to the specific processing requirements and end­-product functional­ities of their partners. Thereby, the custom­ers and partners are enabled to develop and produce innovative products based on high quality advanced ceramic materials. The company was founded in 2007 as a spinout of the Norwegian University of Sci­ence and Technology in Trondheim, Nor­way. In 2013, CerPoTech has established a semi-­industrial production facility with a capacity of several tons of powder per year. The company produces small batches for R&D activities as well as large batches for industrial purposes. A highly­ qualified team would like to sup­port customers in the implementation of their research plans and product ideas.


Phone: +49 7221 502 200