Suitable Motion Controller for all Ultrasonic Piezo Motors and Stages

In this context, the range of motion controllers has now been expanded. This makes a wide spectrum of single and two-channel versions available that can be used according to the application from precision positioning (C-867) up to the handling (C-877). Each controller’s integral PID control is also designed specifically for the typical characteristics of the PILine® drives. An optimum settling behavior of a few 10 ms is achieved by automatic switchover between the parameters for dynamic or static operation. High-resolution inputs for incremental encoders ensure resolutions in the subnanometer range, even when fast servo cycles are driven at frequencies up to 20 kHz. The BISS interface is also supported for absolute encoders. Start-up of the controller is practical: The ultrasonic drives identify themselves to the controller via their ID chip and the matching operating parameters are then loaded automatically. For communication with the motion controllers, there are digital interfaces such as SPI, USB, and in some cases, also Ethernet or RS-232, e.g., for connection of a joystick. The extensive software package includes drivers for LabVIEW as well as dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux. In addition, a powerful macro programming language is available, among other things, for stand-alone operation.


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