3DCERAM – Process Provider when it Comes to Services

The company 3DCERAM was created in 2009 and initially operated as a service bureau, manufacturing technical ceramic parts by 3D printing for large industrial companies. The choice of technology was made for stereolithography because of its high precision, high performance qualities, and its very fine surface appearance. These performances were identical to those obtained by … Read more

XJet Expands Activities in Europe

Jet Ltd. is a provider of professional solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal and ceramic components. These are used, for example, in the aerospace sector, in the automotive industry, in chemicals and electronics, but also in medical technology including dental technology, in toolmaking and luxury goods. The company is known for NanoParticle Jetting technology. … Read more

Steinbach AG: Industry Partner with 3D Printing of Ceramics

CA: Technical Ceramics is the youngest division at Steinbach AG. What prompted you to go into technical ceramics? VS: Besides our headquarters in Detmold, we are active in Shanghai/CN, Charlotte/US, Taipei/TW and Brisbane/AU. In the USA and Taiwan, even before investing in our first 3D printer in 2016, we were already engaged with ceramic activities … Read more

Manufacturing of SiSiC Plates for Semiconductor Machines with a Focus on Process Integration

With manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry becomingincreasingly more demanding, component suppliers must offer productsof the highest quality to meet current and future demands in chipproduction. Focussing on both product innovation and processintegration, globally leading advanced ceramics manufacturer CeramTec/DE applies a two-fold approach to enable higher chip quality.

Ceramic Foundry Cores by 3D Printing

Ceramic cores are essential in the production of turbine blades and nozzleguide vanes (aircraft or gas). The blades attached to a shaft recoverthe combustion energy of the fuel and air mixture from the compressorand the injectors in the turbine combustion chamber.


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