Components for high performance

Titania Electrodes for Generation of Cold Atmospheric Plasma

Plasma technology has been successful in various industries tomanufacture or refine products for decades. In recent years cold plasmadevices that work near room temperature concur new applications in themedical field, for hygiene purposes but also in the industry andhousehold.

Highly Leak-Tight Ceramic-Metal Assembly for a Novel, Three-Dimensional Imaging X-Ray Process

Alumina Systems/DE cooperates since more than four years with Adaptix/GB to develop a new 3D FPS (Flat-Panel X-Ray Source) which offers3D-imaging for a similar radiation dose and cost to traditional 2D X-ray. Thecooperation in the last years enhanced technology on both sides and todaywe can say that this product can be a game changer on … Read more

Advanced Ceramics for Healthcare – Materials, Properties, Applications

Technical ceramics play a significant role in the field of medical technology– they are often key components in complex assemblies in this field ofapplication. The unique properties of ceramics very often make these specificapplications possible. Since the properties of ceramics differ significantlyfrom those of metals, plastics and other materials, they are indispensablein many cases. In … Read more

Towards Ceramic Production via Digitalization and Additive Manufacturing

By using Additive Manufacturing (AM) techniques for ceramic parts,construction engineers gain access to a multitude of novel designs.Moreover, time to market can be strongly reduced – especially, if AM iscombined with the digitalization of the entire development andproduction process. AM is well established for rapid prototyping. Yet, theincreasing use of AM techniques for the production … Read more

Manufacture, Redefined: 3D Printing Meets Digital Production

With over a decade of experience in the field of ceramic 3D printing andmanufacturing, Lithoz/AT has already seen just how rapidly new productiontechniques and technologies can grow within the industry. Ceramic3D printing is fast becoming an established production technique in themanufacturing world thanks to the freedom it offers in design, as well asits rapid, sustainable … Read more

Steinbach AG: Pioneer in Ceramic 3D-Printing

With the investment in a 3D-printer operating on the basis of theLCM process (Lithography-Based Ceramic Manufacturing) in2016, Steinbach AG laid the foundation of its Technical CeramicsDivision and entered into the manufacturing of ceramic components.Steinbach AG is a medium-sized, family-run company withits headquarters in Detmold/DE as well as representative officesin Shanghai/CN, Charlotte/US, Taipei/TW and Brisbane/AU.In the … Read more

Engineered Materials for High-End Applications

Treibacher Industrie AG is a leading Austrian chemical and metallurgicalenterprise. It was founded in 1898 by the famous scientistCarl Auer von Welsbach, who discovered four rare-earth elements:neodymium, praseodymium, ytterbium, and lutetium. He alsoinvented the famous gas mantle light in 1885, which brought firststreetlight to many cities around the world. Treibacher has its HQin Althofen, southern … Read more

Design and Manufacture of Complex-Shaped Ceramic Bone Implants Using SLA Technology

The Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing, and Materials(CDMM) has developed a method for designing and manufacturingcomplex-shaped ceramic bone implants with a controllable preengineeredporous structure and used 3DCERAM Sinto’s SLAtechnology for implants manufacturing. Their target was to utilisethe advantages of the SLA technology by 3DCERAM Sinto/FR inbiomedical applications where great accuracy is required.Sviatoslav Chugunov (SC), Senior … Read more

Macea: Technical Ceramics “Made in Brazil”

Macea was founded in 1983, and initially supplied thread guidesto the textile industry. Its product portfolio was gradually widened.Wear resistance, thermal shock, electric insulation, mech anical sealing, high precision and customisation are all key topicswhen it comes to applications for the technical ceramic com ponentsmade by Macea ceramics. Besides general industrial applications,textiles, petrochemicals, steel foundries, … Read more


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