XJet Expands Activities in Europe

Jet Ltd. is a provider of professional solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal and ceramic components. These are used, for example, in the aerospace sector, in the automotive industry, in chemicals and electronics, but also in medical technology including dental technology, in toolmaking and luxury goods. The company is known for NanoParticle Jetting technology. … Read more

KRAHN Ceramics: “Working with Customers to Open up New Applications”

In early 2020, KRAHN Ceramics became independent from KRAHN Chemie, a company in the Otto Krahn Group, setting out as an autonomous division. Besides investing in its Technical Centre in Dinslaken, the company has also installed its first in-house production line for ceramic feedstock. With this step, the company is moving its headquarters to the … Read more

Steinbach AG: Industry Partner with 3D Printing of Ceramics

CA: Technical Ceramics is the youngest division at Steinbach AG. What prompted you to go into technical ceramics? VS: Besides our headquarters in Detmold, we are active in Shanghai/CN, Charlotte/US, Taipei/TW and Brisbane/AU. In the USA and Taiwan, even before investing in our first 3D printer in 2016, we were already engaged with ceramic activities … Read more

Design Concepts for Miniaturised Thermal Cyclers Based on Functional Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Components

The demands on components in terms of individualisation,functionalisation and miniaturisation, increased lifetime, but alsoresource efficiency during manufacturing and in use increasecontinuously. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies offer productionpossibilities that were previously unfeasible using conventionalmanufacturing technologies or required enormous effort. In order todemonstrate the future possibilities as a result of the extendedfunctionalities of ceramic components, the development … Read more

New Dimensions in High-Performance Ceramics from Cars to Medical Engineering

Bosch is synonymous with quality and precision in the field of highperformanceceramics for the automotive sector. The Stuttgart-basedgroup is now tapping into a new market and also offering functionalcomponents made of high-performance ceramics for the medicalengineering market. Thanks to special properties such as extremerobustness, biocompatibility, as well as chemical and electriccharacteristics, the material opens up … Read more

3DCeram Sinto

3DCeram is a process provider for 3d printing technical ceramics with stereolithography (SLA) and constantly innovates to offer a range of 3D printers, with building platform going from 100x100x150 mm (C101 EASY) to 600x600x300 mm (C3601 ULTIMATE), to develop and produce in big volume. The company offers for industrial needs a semi-automatic lthe C1000 FLEXMATIC, … Read more


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